Welcome to the Healthy Boost Inc, Supermarket Acquisition campaign

where we are acquiring supermarkets Nationwide that Net Between $400,000 and $800,000 a year and rebranding them to Healthy Boost Bargain Barns

The cooperative will have a buying power that will be able to compete in pricing with all the big box stores increasing customer loyalty and the locations bottom line.

Healthy Boost is a Certified partner of America's leading food distributors and one of the top SBA backed funding sources in the USA in order to finance supermarket acquisitions nationwide and bring the freshest produce and meats at bargain prices to a supermarket near you.

We invite you

to join our campaign and have ownership versus
just being an employee

How It Works

First we work with you to get you approved for an SBA7A

We will link you with a supermarket acquisition

The down payment for the supermarket acquisition is provided by Healthy Boost

You will have 40% ownership making 25% of the overall
supermarkets yearly net profit in addition to
receiving a full time managers salary.

To Qualify:

You must have a 690 or better credit score You must have supermarket
Management experience.

We will pre approve you to make sure credit profile falls inline with
SBA guidelines.

If it does you will have to pay for your business plan Development for your specific supermarket Acquisition this fee
is $3500 which financing is available for. You actually will get this fee back upon closing of the supermarket acquisition

Common Questions & Answers

How long does the process take ?
What if i don't have a 690 credit score ?
Can I have a cosigner ?
Can I pick the area I want to own a supermarket in ?
How often will I be paid ?
Can I invest cash for more shares in the supermarket ?
Who pays the SBA loan ?
Will I own my shares forever?
How does Financing work for my business plan fee?
How long does it take to find out if I qualify ?

In addition we are also launching
our Live Shopper App

Welcome To
Life Shopper

How Video
Functionality works

Fill out your pre approval
application here

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