Driver/ Route
Owner Program

We are launching a Nationwide Food delivery service using our combined
buying power to be able to compete with big box stores like walmart and Kmart,
We also have and added feature of our life shopper app.


Healthy Boost is a Certified partner of America's leading food distributors and one of the top SBA backed funding sources in the USA in order to finance supermarket acquisitions nationwide and bring the freshest produce and meats at bargain prices to a supermarket near you.

This will essentially be your own business, you will join a pool of like minded delivery drivers who will all have different delivery territories in the region, grocery goods will be delivered to a central cold storage facility where you will pick up your orders and deliver them to your customers. The combined purchasing power allows us to purchase goods at bargain rates and pass those savings on to the shoppers.

How the
App Works


We offer a video conference integration, meaning customers can actually see the produce and meats that are being selected for them.


We offer an option to shop directlywith Healthy Boost where our pricesout match the local supermarkets.

Retail Example

01 Product

Bumble Bee Chunk
Light tuna


Pack of ten - $9.75


Pack of ten - $10.50

02 Product

Marcal Pride
Bath Tissue


20 Rolls - $13


20 Rolls - $13.75

Profit Breakdown

Each order that is made with in your territory you receive a commission of 40% of the profit margin, you are paid everyday for the previously days orders.

Profit Percentages

Delivery Drivers


of the charge



of the charge

Regional Sales Manager


of the charge

Order pickers


of the charge


As a comparison Instacart has an average of 280 million orders which equates to 767,000 people using their service every day. And this amounts to just 2.4% of the nation’s daily shoppers.

Drivers Invested Distribution Center

Depending on the percentage of the Distribution development you can afford rather through cash or financing determines the percentage of the territory you are assigned. Your territory will be your to add a driver to work for you if the demand grows higher than your capabilities.  

Your Investment

Your Investment Will Cover

Your investment will be combined with other Driver / Route Owners in your region splitting the cost for the following.

Wholesale Grocery Stores
Cold Storage Facilities
Social Media Promotions

How it Works

Storage Facility is Selected.

That facility is outfitted with the necessary Dry and Cold storage equipment.

Inventory Delivered.

Orders are prepared for
you to pick up and deliver.

You will be able to pick up multiple
orders at a time.


Picking up and delivering orders.

Distributing coupon circulars through your region to promote people to download app.

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