Welcome to the Healthy Boost Inc, Supermarket Acquisition campaign

where we are acquiring supermarkets Nationwide that Net Between $400,000 and $800,000 a year and rebranding them to Healthy Boost Bargain Barns

The cooperative will have a buying power that will be able to compete in pricing with all the big box stores increasing customer loyalty and the locations bottom line.

Healthy Boost is a Certified partner of America's leading food distributors and one of the top SBA backed funding sources in the USA in order to finance supermarket acquisitions nationwide and bring the freshest produce and meats at bargain prices to a supermarket near you.

We are looking for a
Regional Sales Manager

To assist our development efforts, You must be invested in a
supermarket acquisition down payment via Business Loan which the Loan payments are covered by the Healthy Boost.

How it works

Regional Sales Managers must be invested in a supermarket acquisition down payment  via Business Loan or out of pocket, the loan payments are covered by the Healthy Boost. Your investment amount will determine your percentage of ownership. The average supermarket we acquire range between 1.5 million and 2 million dollars, 80% of the sales price will be covered by a SBA7A backed loan, 20% would be the down payment. Depending on the amount of financing you qualify for would determine your percentage of ownership in the supermarket.

What you receive

?% ownership in the initial acquisition you invested in and 5% ownership in every supermarket acquisition in your region. If you calculate 5% of $400,000 x 10 with this being the lowest net income and not calculating your 20%, you have $200,000 a year.

We will be promoting
Our Live Shopper App


How the
App Works


We offer a video conference integration, meaning customers can actually see the produce and meats that are being selected for them.


We offer an option to shop directlywith Healthy Boost where our pricesout match the local supermarkets.

You will also Benefit From Healthy Boost Juice Bar Kiosk Sales in your territory. During these times of enhanced awareness about Health our convenient Juice Bar Kiosk Franchises are in demand.

We are much more than your average juice & smoothie bar experience we offer a range of natural herb and spices add ons that are clinically proven to help with with things like Anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure just to mention a feel, each one of our Juice Bar Managers are certified Herbalist able to educate to consumer on the different benefits of each product.

Your Profit

You will receive 3% of every sale in their territory and 2% of the yearly net profit for voting kiosk locations periodically to ensure brand standards, Kiosk will be developed in Mostly Malls and Supermarkets that we acquire.

Responsibilities and Duties

Meet and Greet interested Applicants for our Supermarket Manager Owner Program.
Taking in-house generated leads to see supermarkets.
Visiting supermarkets periodically to make sure they are maintaining Brand Standards.

Gather information and lead each prospective client from pre-qualification to closing
Demonstrate an ability to simultaneously 'close the deal' while satisfying customer expectations
Meet crucial deadlines and monthly Sales Team goals.

Communicating and following up with clients.
Meet and Greet interested Applicants for our Supermarket Manager Owner Program.
Manage Juice Bar Franchise Sales Personnel.

To Qualify:

4-year degree preferred.

Track record in a sales environment with strong relationships building skills.

Demonstrated ability for problem-solving and determining viable solutions for customers.

Have an innate ability to build rapport and develop trust quickly with business owners.

Investment in a supermarket acquisition down payment.

Common Questions & Answers

What supermarket will I be investing in ?
Where will my office be located at ?
How and when do I get paid ?
What are the next steps ?

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