A Well-Deserved Health Boost—Adding a Fruit Juice Kiosk to Your Office Setting

Fruit Juice Kiosk

In 2019, the employee turnover rate reached a massive 44.3%, and it’s only expected to rise in coming years. With the economy doing well, it’s easier than ever for employees to jump ship when they’re unsatisfied with their workplaces, which is why companies must find ways to retain employees.

Research shows that workers want their employers to prioritize both financial well-being and mental health. This is especially true considering that, for the majority of Americans, their jobs continue to be the primary source of stress in their lives.

Because the workplace is the main cause of stress in so many people’s lives, it’s in employers’ best interests to find ways to make the space as comfortable as possible for employees.

Adding a healthy juice kiosk to your office facilities is a simple yet effective way to augment the employee experience. Let’s take a look at how launching a Healthy Boost kiosk in your office can benefit you and your employees:

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Setting up a juice bar isn’t expensive—at all. Vendor licenses can be obtained for between $10–50, depending on your state. Also, if you opt for licensing a juice bar, you don’t need to worry about coming up with the recipes yourself. The company will help you with the supplies, ingredients, and juices/smoothies—you just have to pay the licensing fee.

2. It’ll Improve Office Culture

You know why you find people lurking around the break room during work hours? Because after working for hours at a time, people need a break.

The break room gives them an excuse to get some rest and converse with co-workers. Add a juice bar in there, and people will have a space to recharge; a place where co-workers can catch up as they get their juice.

3. It Shows Them You Care

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Here’s the thing, employees like knowing that their employers are concerned about their health.

In a study, 96% of employees said that they believed it was important for employers to show empathy toward them.

By opening a juice bar in your office setting, you acknowledge that your employees may need a quick pick-me-up during the day.

The right selection of fruits and vegetable juices and healthy smoothies kiosk can give your employees the boost of energy they need after hours of working at a desk. Ready to WOW your employees by launching a healthy juice bar that will help them attain their fitness goals and show them you care?

Get in touch with Healthy Boost to find out how to become a licensee and add a delicious smoothies kiosk to your office space.

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