The Licensing Requirements for Starting a Juice Bar

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Every business needs a license and permit in order to begin operations. Juice bars, like any other business that prepares and sells food, need specific licenses and permits, including a permit for handling food.

To obtain the requisite permits and licenses, owners of juice bars have to submit forms to their local government, as well as the state government in some cases.

Here’s what you need to know about becoming a licensed vendor:

Vendor License

Any business that sells goods to consumers requires a vendor license—and juice bars are no different. The good news is that vendor licenses aren’t costly; you’ll only have to pay $10–50.

To become a licensed vendor, business owners have to adhere to state guidelines regarding what kind of license they’ll need. Some states give business owners multiple options to choose from; the type of vendor license they apply for will depend on their offerings.

Health Permit

Health permits are granted by local governments. The local government will have to inspect the juice bar and its offerings, ensuring that they are safe for consumption. A formal inspection will be carried out by the local Department of Health.

To pass the inspection, juice bar owners will need to ensure they are meeting the local government’s health and safety regulations. These rules and regulations usually involve keeping the bar clean, professional handling of products, and making sure that the food is kept at suitable temperatures.  

Failure to adhere to the county’s regulations will lead to a denial. Until the juice bar meets all requirements, it will not obtain a health permit and won’t be allowed to operate.

Zoning Permits

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If you don’t intend to run operations through a kiosk or a mobile unit (food truck), you’ll be required to get a zoning permit; this will give you the permission to remodel or construct a building.

The requirements for zoning permits are different everywhere, but usually, if you intend to change the structure of a building, you will need to obtain a zoning permit.

General Business License and Permit

Businesses are required to have multiple permits and licenses before they can legally begin operations. To run a juice bar, you’ll first have to register as a sole proprietorship, corporation or a partnership and obtain a Sales and Use tax license.

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