What Do You Need to Start a Juice Bar?

Probably the most lucrative, profitable business venture at present, starting a juice bar is the best decision you can make for supplementary income!

With global trends now veering toward healthy practices and active, healthy living, more and more people are searching for a trusted company that offers fresh fruit juices, made from high-quality produce.

Yet, despite expectations being so low and the outcome so obviously beneficial, you know that starting a juice bar isn’t as easy as it sounds.

But not to worry! As a leading service that supplies healthy smoothies and juice kiosks, Healthy Boost is here to offer some basics on what you need to start a juice bar!

Juice Bar Requirements

– Learn How it Works

You can’t just stock up on fruits and veggies, put up an open sign on your stall and hope it works!

In addition to just basic juices, juice bars are expected to serve a number of juice blends and other menu options too, such as Acai bowls, fruit and vegetable juices, green smoothies. But it mostly depends on whether these options would even work for your demographic. Observe other juice bars and learn from how they operate to identify the basic aspects of running a successful juice bar.

– Create a Budget

As you would for any project that involves money, decide on a budget for your business and stick to it. More of an educated guess than anything, this budget should include storefront costs, licensing and permits, construction costs, equipment, produce and bills including other factors. You won’t be able to make a profit for the first few months. So, you’ll need to be sure your budget can sustain you for the time ahead.

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– Know the Pros and Cons of a Franchise

Instead of opening a separate business based completely on your own resources, you could open a juice bar franchise as well. Banking on the franchise’s brand name and loyalty, it won’t be very difficult to bring in customers from the get-go.

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But keep in mind; certain franchise options are more expensive than others. If you can’t handle the expenses of a franchise, a much better option would be to work with companies such as Healthy Boost that offer healthy fresh  fruit and vegetablefruit and vegetable smoothies kiosk, juices and more. You’ll be able to manage your shop, and you’ll get customers alongside.

– Find the Best Location

You don’t necessarily need to have your juice bar near the gym if you’re looking to make quick sales. Instead, find a place near a bus stop, a parking lot, or even educational institutions like schools and universities. You’ll get plenty of students and adults in your juice bar, and it’ll carry a certain notion of being the latest hot spot for your target demographic as well.

Get Started!

While there’s plenty of information on starting a juice bar business, we recommend that you begin your business journey by following the above factors instead. Get in touch with Healthy Boost, talk to a representative about the best vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices and get started.

It’s a long road ahead. But the right guidance, this road will surely lead to success!

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